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After being assigned to the Supply Chain Management team for the Social Media Marketing Topics class, I felt conflicted. All I could think, “Supply Chain Management. Cool. What’s that!?” Similar to what you’re thinking, too? Phew! Glad to know I’m not alone.

After doing a little research, I found myself wishing I were a supply chain management major.  As a senior, it’s a little late for me to make the switch but for prospective students, freshmen and sophomores who are undeclared or unfulfilled by your current major, here’s three reasons why you should consider Supply Chain Management.


Image courtesy of Pakorn / FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

1. Two words – Job Security. As a soon-to-be graduate, take my word, job security means a heck of a lot more to me than it ever has before. According to the major’s AU page, four out of five jobs in northeastern Ohio and three out of five in the whole country fall under supply chain. If that’s not job security, I don’t know what is!

2. $78,775. That’s the average career salary of jobs in the supply chain management field. According to Ohio Means Success, the supply chain management major can lead to high paying and high growth jobs in Ohio as it is a part of the Buckeye Top Fifty Careers. Sign me up! 

3. Options – and lots of them! The supply chain job market offers a lot of variety when it comes to careers. Dream job alert! Purchasing managers, logisticians, retail buyers, operations managers, financial analysts and transportation coordinators are just a few of the jobs one could possess in this field. One could never be bored in a supply chain career! 

While there are many reasons to consider a supply chain management career, these are definitely three reasons that could convince me to consider studying this field. If only I had four more years of college…


Miss Guatemala – Laura Godoy

Hello! We here at Miss Universe Watch 2012 are happy to bring you a profile on Laura Godoy! She was born on the 6th of July and studies Nutrition in Guatemala City! Previously, she won Look Cyzone in 2008 and was awarded with Miss Guatemala in 2011. Here are some other quick facts about Laura:

Name: Laura Beatriz Godoy
Age: 23 years (6th July, 1988)
Height: 174 cm
Hometown: Guatemala City
Online Persona:

Facebook –

Liveworld –

– Thom Julian

Miss Guatemala

Hello Miss Universe Followers!

This post will be focusing on the lovely Andrea Huisgen, representing the country of Spain. Andrea is 20 years old (a very young contestant) and is 1.81 m tall. She is extremely excited to take part in this year’s contest and represent her country!

Name: Andrea Huisgen
Age: 20
Country: Spain
Hometown: Barcelona
Online Persona:
Facebook –

Twitter –!/missspain11

Stay tuned for more updates!

– Thom Julian

Miss Spain (Barcelona)

Miss Angola




Marcelina Vahekeni has the honor of representing Angola, last years winner of Miss Universe, and attempting to repeat their victory! She currently studies Human Resource Management, is 5 foot 7 inches tall, and was born in 1990. Here are some quick facts about Marcelina Vahekeni:




Name: Marcelina Vahekeni
Age: 21
Country: Angola
Hometown: Ondjiva
Online Persona (blog, facebook, twitter):
Facebook:   set=a.232270743507955.53214.103206469747717&type=3
Twitter: N/A

Miss Peru

Hello Miss Universe Followers!

Today’s post will be following Miss Peru, Nicole Faveron. Faveron is a model with Maybelline beauty products and was the Miss Peru winner in 2011. Here are some basic facts about Nicole!

Name: Nicole Faveron
Age: 23 (February 24, 1989)
Country: Peru
Hometown: Iquitos

Online Persona (blog, facebook, twitter): Facebook:

– Thom Julian

Miss France

Miss France
Name: Delphine Wespiser
Age: 19
Country: France
Online Persona: Facebook (link) / Twitter (link)

Background: Little information could be found about Miss France. She’s not currently sure if she will be participating in Miss Universe as it is dependent upon the date of the competition. Her online presence seemed to be very limited as it was hard to find any information on her, let alone a wikipedia page. As with every other contestant I have researched, there is no English present on her social media platforms.

Miss Bolivia

Miss Bolivia
Name: Yessica Mounton Gianella
Age: 24
Country: Boliva
Online Persona: Facebook (link)

Background: Yessica Gianella is fluent in English and is currently in college for Public Relations. She has quite the background in competitions as she has been competing since she was a child. Her first major win was back in 2010 when she was awarded the “Goddess of Fortune” title before winning the Miss Bolivia 2011 title. Upon searching for her twitter, I found only one account matching her name but there were no tweets associated with it. Like other contestants I have researched, her Facebook was not in English. I found it quite interesting she didn’t have too many likes on her facebook page nor was there any English, despite the fact she is fluent in it.

Miss Serbia

Name: Bojana Lečić

Age:  20

HEIGHT:  180 cm
Online Persona:




LANGUAGES:  Serbian & English

AWARDS:  the First runner-up in Miss Serbia 2011

Miss Montenegro

Name: Andrea Radonjić

Age: December 13, 1992, 18
Country: Montenegro
Hometown: Podgorica
Online Persona:



EDUCATION:  Law student, Political Science
LANGUAGES:  Russian, Spanish & English
AWARDS:  Miss Montenegro 2011-First Runner-up
Hobbies:  Dancing, Acting and some Picado game
Favorite Sport:  Swimming, Valleyball and Basketball

Favorite music and favorite singer:
I like to listen different styles of music which is because I listen music in dependence of my mood, so if I am sad I will listen some ballade if I want to cry, but if I am sad I want to cheer up I listen R&B music or something like that, so my favorite singer is Bryan Adams for ballade and for R&B Rihanna, Beyonce and Sean Peaul.

Miss Gabon

Name: Ada Meyo Marie Noelle


HEIGHT: 170 cm

AWARDS:  Miss Gabon 2012

Country: Gabon
Online Persona:



  The representative of the province of Ngouniea, Marie Noelle Ada has been crowned Miss Gabon 2012 by Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes during a festive gala at the finals of the most beautiful woman of Gabon was held at the last Thursday, December 29th at the “City of Democracy,” in Libreville. Gabon is Located in western Africa, it was a French colony until 1960. About 1.5 million people live in the country. 27 beauties of the 9 provinces participated in the Miss Gabon 2012 beauty pageant. Marie Noelle Ada is the first ever representative in Miss Universe beauty pageant in 2012. Marie Noelle’s dream is to become a major television star and devote much of her life to helping the people of the third age. She also plans to build a nursing home for people of this age. The new ambassador of the beauty of Gabon, Marie Noelle Ada won among other things, a check for two million CFA francs, a scholarship to the United States or Canada with a value of 50 million CFA francs, a monthly salary of 300 000 for 1 year, u ha of cultivable land and a luxury car.